Friday, June 02, 2006


Do you ever wonder what the world would be like if,in 1948,the Untited Nations had've voted against the establishment of the nation of Israel? Would the middle east be a more peaceful place?

Palestine is arguably one of the last European colonial states where the natives have yet to achieve independence.Palestine,up until 1948,was a majority Arab/Muslim area.What happened to them would in modern times be called "Ethnic cleansing".Thousands upon thousnads still live in neighboring states in refugee camps.Imagine being a refugee in your own land,not having the right to go home.

No justice,no peace.Bare minimum,Palestinians must be guaranteed the right of return to their homelands,Israel must withdraw from the Occupied Territories,and East Jerusalem must be allowed to become the capitol of a Palestininan nation.

While the Holocaust was an unparalled tragedy,an uninvolved nation must not be made to pay for it.Victimhood does not give one the right to make victims out of others.

Perhaps after the war,the Zionists should've asked for Bavaria instead.


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