Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Happy Devil's Day ,everyone! Did you indulge in any sin today? My favorite deadly sin is gluttony,followed closely by lust and sloth. What's yours?

To me, "sin" is part of what makes you human.Sin is your desire,your lust,feelings both good and bad.Sin is part of what makes you,you.I feel no need for repentance;I simply try each day to be the best man that I can be.If I fail,I pick myself up the next day and try again.No sense in beating yourself up.

In case you didn't know where the "666" myth comes from,here's the Bible verse: Revelations 13:18.

I have no problem with Christianity,as long as they believe in live and let live.I will not be converting any time soon.If they get in my face,I'll be in theirs.If they're in my way,I'll want them out of my way,one way or the other.The only religion I have any interest in currently is Buddhism,which I've been reading up on.

That's my sermon for today,friends.


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