Saturday, February 04, 2006


My girlfriend has a little boy who just loves Archie comic books,thus,I have an excuse to read them whenever I visit.

Now,I've read Archie comics ever since I was a boy,but reading them now just shows how your perspective changes as you age.I used to think that the se Riverdale kids were just the coolest people you could know,so mature,attractive, and funny.

Now I see them a little differently.Archie,for instance, is an asshole.He has no qualms about dating every girl he can, but has a problem with Betty and Veronica doing the same.He's a moocher,he's lazy, and isn't very smart.

Betty has an almost psychotic obsession with Archie. If she were to ever truly believe that he didn't want her,she'd either kill herself,or go all Fatal Attraction on him.Veronica doesn't love Archie.She just wants him because her best friend(Betty) does,and also,Archie really pisses her father off.What teenager(they're all supposed to be 17) can resist that?

Jughead is 17,and doesn't like girls? One word:gay! Come out,come out, wherever you are!

Moose Mason is a violent simpleton,who shouldn't be in a regular school,but an institution.He's the type of man who would eventually turn on his "gurl" Midge,because he's sure that she's leading other men on.But hey,he wins football games, right?

But then,this is only a cartoon.

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Blogger Rosemary Amey said...

No way is Jughead gay. He doesn't dress well enough.

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