Monday, January 16, 2006

INXS in my dreams

I recently had a dream about the Australian band INXS . I dreamt that I was following them around, showing up everytime that they were there.I was particularly interested in meeting their new lead singer, J.D.Fortune.

I think it was because I auditioned for the show Rock Star:INXS last year at the Toronto open auditions, but didn't get chosen.Imagine that! They didn't choose a karaoke singer who auditioned with an acapella version of "I Will Survive". What nerve!

Imagine,I'm jealous of a guy who I've never even met.He gets to tour the world and sing, I get to work picking orders for a cosmetics wholesaler.Whoever said life was fair?

So,anyway,INXS' tunes were in my head all last week,so Friday night I listened to a best of CD.They were a pretty good band,weren't they?


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