Saturday, December 10, 2005

High-priced uselessness

I happened to be in a Holt Renfrew store at Bloor and Bay in Toronto today,and I saw some things that gave me pause. One was a pair of blue jeans, which cost $265.I don't remember the brand name, but the label had a Buddha holding a guitar. The second thing was a blouse that cost $595.

I couldn't help but wonder why anybody would need such expensive clothes. Some folks seem to have too much money, and are willing to spend it foolishly on expensive things that they don't need.

I also wonder if my politics are based on genuinely held socialist ethics, or am I motivated by envy? I mean, it WOULD be nice to have that kind of money to waste.I'd like to believe that if I ever was lucky enough to come into a large lump of money, that I would have the sense to be somewhat more logical or even sensible about spending. I'd want things that'd last longer than the current fashion trends.

And another thing:I'll bet that just about none of the Holt Renfrew employees can afford to shop there!


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