Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas, everybody. I hope you had a happy day, and got what you wanted. Don't eat turkey, though. Have a nut loaf, or tofurkey. Hug a loved one, call someone who wants to hear your voice, express appreciation to your folks. Peace to one and all.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

High-priced uselessness

I happened to be in a Holt Renfrew store at Bloor and Bay in Toronto today,and I saw some things that gave me pause. One was a pair of blue jeans, which cost $265.I don't remember the brand name, but the label had a Buddha holding a guitar. The second thing was a blouse that cost $595.

I couldn't help but wonder why anybody would need such expensive clothes. Some folks seem to have too much money, and are willing to spend it foolishly on expensive things that they don't need.

I also wonder if my politics are based on genuinely held socialist ethics, or am I motivated by envy? I mean, it WOULD be nice to have that kind of money to waste.I'd like to believe that if I ever was lucky enough to come into a large lump of money, that I would have the sense to be somewhat more logical or even sensible about spending. I'd want things that'd last longer than the current fashion trends.

And another thing:I'll bet that just about none of the Holt Renfrew employees can afford to shop there!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Something for the conservative in your life!

Folks, I'd recommend this one!

Doing my part for the left!

Pics of my Cafepress shops!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Canada's upcoming federal election

I intend to vote for the NDP in this upcoming federal election, even though my local candidate probably doesn't have a hope in hell of winning. I like Jack Layton. He's the only political leader in Ottawa that has come out untainted by scandal, and has worked what little influence he has for the most good.

My politics skew leftward. I'm in favor of gay marriage, legalization of marijuana, public health care, increased funding for post-secondary education, and keeping Canada's foreign policy independent of Washington.The NDP is the closest to representing my values, and I hope they do better this time.

I sold out

Well, as you may notice, I have given in and allowed this, my personal space, to have ads run on it. I wonder if anybody has made money this way? I hope so. I'm broke, and I need the money, to be quite honest!

The Holidays

In case you didn't realize it, Xmas is in 23 days. Time for gluttony, greed, and best of all, generosity! Speaking of generosity, why not take a look at my wishlist, and if you should feel so inspired( and have money you don't want, for that matter),buy me something? It would be much appreciated, and you would get that warm feeling that you get when you do something nice for somebody that you don't even know!