Saturday, November 19, 2005

former fatass

Nowdays, I weigh in at about 160-164 pounds. This figure tends to fluctuate but, at one time I used to be quite fat. I joined Weight Watchers back on September 29, 2001, and I weighed 263.4 pounds on that day. Through discipline, exercise,and watching/writing down what I ate( something that I do to this day!), I dropped 100 pounds by July2002, and I have managed to keep those pounds off to this day.

Truth is, I wasted most of life being fat. I was used to it, and I guess that I thought that there was nothing that I could do about it, anyway. But, I reached the point of no return when one day at work, this attractive redhead came up to me and started talking to me as if she knew me. All the while I was talking to her, I was wracking my brain: "How do I know this woman?". It turned out that she was my old boss, who used to be fat. She had dropped what must've been 80 pounds, and looked hot!. I realised that I had no excuses anymore.I couldn't say "I'm doing what I can" or "I'm too tired". So I tried doing what she did;I decided to cut out the carbs. That lasted one day. I decided that weekend to do it right, and I went to a local Weight Watchers meeting. I was hooked from the beginning, and joined right away. The first day was the hardest. I was nearly in tears, I was so hungry, but I stuck it out. That first week, I lost 5 pounds!

One way that I keep in shape is that I exercise 6 days out of seven, usually twice a day. I usually take Sundays off. I mix up my routines: I do Pilates. yoga, work out with free weights, stomach crunches. The key with exercise is to not get too used to one routine or way of doing things. Mixing it up keeps things interesting, keeps you on your toes, and doesn't allow your body to get too used to a routine and thus not be affected by what you're doing.

What you eat is key. I decided while I was trying to lose weight that it was good to cut back on saturated fat, the type that is present in meat. SO, I cut back on my meat eating, and the more that I did that, the easier it was. I decided by August 2002 to go all the way, and become a vegetarian. I still am; in fact, I took it one step further by Canadian Thanksgiving 2003 and became a vegan. I'm rather happy that I didI've never been fitter, I've never eaten so well, I've learned so much (about nutrition and politics), and I've met so many nice people (especially Rosemary, my girlfriend of over two years) in Toronto's veggie community!


Blogger Rosemary Amey said...

Hi James,

Would you care to comment on Atkins (may he and his diet rest in peace)?

7:25 PM  
Blogger James Smart said...

I have no love for any diet that demonizes potatoes, bread, and rice.Carbohydrates are the fuel of life.

The Atkins diet was, to my mind, much too heavy on eating dead animals for me to approve of. Not meaning to sound religious or anything, but my body is my temple, and I will not defile it with the corpses of the dead!

7:02 PM  

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